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The Way You Are

Flower is beautiful the way it is created

Moon is beautiful also the way it is created,

they are just simply created perfectly without over attributes.

Imagine, a flower with wings, it is not as beautiful as it is

It is same as you, you are beautiful the way you are

You dont need lots of make up to hide your real skin

You dont need take thousand pictures to show me you are beautiful

You dont need big earrings to show the strength of your ear

You dont need to wear less-clothed suit to attract me

You dont need to wear mini skirt to show your beautiful tight and calf

You dont need to paint your nail, natural will do

You dont need to dye your hair because black is my favorite

In long hair, you are looked more mature and womanly

In short hair, you are looked fresh and boyish

if you ask me which one I will choose

I will not bother at all, i just like the way you are.

You dont even need sweets, You are SWEET already!

You only need a pair of earring to let you shine of my path

You only need to smile to make my day

You only need to greet me to wake me up

You only need to love me so i feel to be the luckiest man in the world

Every pieces of your is simply perfect when they all combine,

you dont need any extra piece to make you beautiful.

in every zero,

you are the one.

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