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love story

Boring saturday as usual, at least have some free time, relax my muscles and minds, go to swimming pool.

Spent an hour there, ok wat, …. *skipped*

Usual schedule, post worked out, MEAL! and same thing ever. Yong Tau Fu . haha funny? chosen same menu as my buddy’s 2eggs, 2 bean curds, 1 tomato, Vitamin C, green veggie of course.

sorry up to now everything is irrelevant xD

ok,come to main event.

a couple, hmm.. yah maybe they were sticking hand together and approaching from apposite side of me. It does not matter actually just FYI. The boy looked hungry, the girl looked horny, em i mean the girl just follow her bf queuing.

First stupid thing!, before that, one needs to take bowl and tongs(or whatever you call it) to grab pieces of food there.

i was standing close to bowls, or few steps from the couple.lovely couple maybe .. I dont really know if the girl act dumb or she really is, she just hanged on the guy shoulder while the guy enthusiastically observe available food, and decided to buy from the same stall as me,oh whatever. The girl, err, ok calm down man, just stood there need some commands from the guy to take the bowl and another err, calm down one more time, took full second to react,she looked back to her lovely man? aww expressed innocent look, or rather idiotic look to me (rawr!) and slowly approached me or rather i said the bowl. oh man, snail can do better

ok second stupidity!

she only took bowl, gosh, something wrong with this lovely couple prob? one  more time the guy ordered to take the tong, yes, another full second!

From what i know, love can make you blind but not decrease your intellectual

please girls, be smarter, well people said you are one, but use your own brain please, be sensitive , be initiative

guys, if you have such dumb gf please dump her, hmm i mean act smarter, take initiative or anything -.-!

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