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The Second

It’s huge, deep and unpredictable (well it was predicted before), and more importantly it is the second! *claps*

applying engineering principle in real world is surely challenging, an estimated next state value must be counted as not ideal condition, stating a clear desire outcome with constrain from cost function  beforehand, and take a feedback loop and compare with initial reference to minimize error.

well it was crossed over mind few times, inappropriately counted actually, facts and figures do not have consistency with the statistic, it could be denied or even ignored like friction and heat loss. Oh well whatever the action was taken, it was going through strict,well not that strict, calculation and consideration even including x factor for unexpected turn.

Ability to foresee the upcoming problems was important to bend and steer the ongoing performance to reach the best one, although it is not necessary to be a sensitive.

Huge maneuver, very huge one indeed, a well defined estimation for next state was perfectly fine till just now and it is happening and bend over the control law make an irregular bound to different nodes and braches. It is sad and unfortunate, a long mathematical equation till 1000th step will never be realized as this was the second and there will be no more the third if it reached saturated in this point.

No more dope will be effective in current complicated diagnose, a terrible outcome is guaranteed, facts, figures, time and endlessly effort was slamed to ground of nothingness, even it was regrettable cost function was encapsulated to maximize the performance in the shortest term. it was nothing but bad and sad. Being optimistic shares same line as being imbecile.

At last quoted from evil bunny “if you not happy,i’m not happy”

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