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It is common phrase in society to hang one’s dream as high as star or whatever the phrase shall be. Isn’t it too optimist?Considering how few people can make it to the stars, at most you will end up at 3000m above sea level in airplane?or peak of Mt. Everest?

As a realist, it is sad that it cant be accepted, but alternatively, different approach to hang your dream could be illustrated.

Maybe you can hang it to the London, Paris, Caribbean or anywhere far from your place, you don’t need to literally reach the destination to get your dream, it is just illustration that you and your dream are apart in same level, it is horizontal. Either you go forward or backward, eventually you will get closer to it. The most important thing is just if you feel the dream is near, take initiative and charge into it.

Else, put your dream below the ground, a doubtful place to be exist, you just need tons of courages and huge amounts of efforts to dig and make you way to the deeper place. It will be dark and scaring but if you can conquer the fears, it is named pleasure.

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